A Man Did Something Extraordinary For The Homeless


Homeless people are no different to the rest of us. They breathe the same air, bleed the same color blood, and most importantly they think and feel things everyone goes through on a daily basis, so why, with all this in mind, do we still subconsciously treat them as second-class citizens? 

YouTube/ MediocreFilms

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself more than once if you happen to have warm clothing and shelter, and even though we know they are our fellow human beings, we have almost accepted our nonchalance towards homeless people because, in the end, helping them won’t solve anything, right?

Thankfully, not everyone has this attitude, and though there are various charities and government-backed programmes to help put a stop to homelessness, others are taking to YouTube to highlight a problem that is ubiquitous to many parts of the world.

One such person who did something to help was Greg Benson, host of Prank It Fwd, who Informed local homeless citizens in Glendale, California that Ascencia Homeless Shelter was offering a free meal.

After they had finished eating, and with the cameras rolling, the presenter informed diners that he had a whole bunch of surprises lined up.


Taking them into another room, it transpired that he had laid on a host of luxuries, which included the services of two professional masseuses and hairdressers. Moreover, three professional chefs were on hand to provide them with more delicious grub. There was even a makeshift shopping area equipped with a variety of clothes both sexes could try on and own if they so wished.

Knocking years of their appearances, each looked revitalized and glowed with youth as the day went on, with one man even remarking that his friend looked 20 years younger!


It was an amazing spectacle, but Benson made sure his impact wouldn’t be an ephemeral occasion.

At the end of the video, he announced that he would also be donating $3,000 to the homeless shelter, and handed out expensive waterproof jackets for each of them before they left.

It was an act of kindness that was emotional to watch, and though cynics might point their finger and say Benson’s actions were done with the sole intention of gaining YouTube views, it nonetheless raised an important message: That we must all treat everyone equally.

Watch the full video here, and hopefully, Benson’s actions will inspire you to do something similar.