4 Cities Around The World Are Being Built Solely To Advance Technology


Technology is forever advancing, evolving and moving forward whether it be for the betterment of humanity or just for entertainment purposes but now it is such a part of our everyday lives that it would be extremely hard to imagine going backward, but sometimes this constant progress needs big investment and large-scale projects to be undertaken for it to make any serious impact. Sometimes these take the form of studies or product testing, but around the world, much larger scale happenings are underway.

In some part of the globe, whole cities are being built in order to further, test or expand on technology and technological use and here we are going to look at a few of those projects and ask what they’re about and how they are going to achieve their aims.

China Making Virtual Reality Into A Physical Town


China has ambitious plans to lead the world in technology and they’ve recently showcased this by developing a government-backed initiative for a ‘VR Town’ in the mid-Western area of Guangzhou with the idea that this will become a place where 50+ companies with the capability of producing 1.5 million pieces of virtual reality-related hardware equipment every year will call home. As such it would then have an annual revenue of 1 billion yuan ($145,490 million), contribute 80 million yuan ($11.6 million) in fiscal taxes, and create 3,500 new jobs.

Despite being a relatively new technology, it is seen by the Chinese state as a ‘future proof’ technology as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Sony are all pouring billions of dollars into investment, research and development of Virtual Reality products with more and more hitting global markets and becoming increasingly cheap and accessible. China is one of the few countries currently backing the technology at a state level and is hoping for a major boost to their tech sector through such initiatives with the area already having hosted a Virtual Reality Summit that included representatives from HTC, Facebook, Peking University, and Beijing’s Beihang University.

The first phase of this VR town is already completed with the Weiai Education Pavilion, an industrial planning center, a VR application center, and a tourism VR center featuring a farming experience already having been opened. This all becomes part of Beidouwan Bay VR Town where industry planning and exhibitions, scientific education and promotion, field trip and experiences, innovation and entrepreneurship, and a platform for trading and showcases will become integrated parts of the town.