22 Of The Fastest Aircraft In The World!

Although not a definitive list (as with all technologies, things develop at a rapid speed) and including some experimental projects and projected speeds, we’ve taken a look at some of the fastest aircraft developed in the world.

Usually developed as military projects, the advancement of technology has seen some incredibly rapid vehicles flying through our skies. Here we look at the 22 of the fastest (as of writing – not necessarily the fastest) and countdown to number 1.

22. F-117 Nighthawk

Cost: $111,200,000

Top Speed: 617mph

Time To Circumnavigate the Globe: 40.36 hours


A secretive project that saw a twin-engine, single seater plane developed for the US military. Operational from 1983, it saw action in the Gulf War 1991 and during the Yugoslavia conflict 1999 where one was shot down making it the only one ever lost in combat. Retired in April 2008.