15 of The Most Stunning Music Venues Around The World


Going to a concert or a gig can be a brilliant experience as we go to see our favorite band perform live or see a thrilling and touching opera or classical performance that soars and stirs something in you but sometimes it is not just the music that can inspire and kick up an emotion from inside you but also the incredible venues where we go to see and hear these renditions.

To the acoustically amazing to the visually stunning, some of the best and most beautiful buildings in the world are designed for music performances. Here we look at some these stunners from across the globe.

1. The Royal Albert Hall – London, England

An incredibly grand and historical building that was based on the ancient Greek amphitheaters, it was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s husband who loved all things Greek. ¬†With glorious glowing ceiling orbs or its beautiful mosaic frieze, it is a stunning piece of regal architecture built by an Empire at the height of its powers.


With an impressive set of organ pipes that reach from the floor to the ceiling, it is overlooked by a golden statue of Albert himself from across the road.