12 Common Nightmares That Scare The Hell Out Of Us


1. Betraying or Being Betrayed By A Loved One

When we finally find that special someone after years of loneliness and heartache it can feel like our world makes sense and has a meaning that it hadn’t before yet even when we are sleeping right next to them, our dreams can transport us to a place far removed from that quilted love nest. 

Shutterstock/ Antonio Guillem

Yes, a common nightmare involves betrayal. And whether the vision depicts infidelity on your part or theirs, many suffer from this nightmare more often than not which, while extremely disturbing at the time, can often turn into one of the greatest feelings of relief when you wake up only to discover it was a nightmare and nothing else. 

In other cases, the nightmare could be an extension of something more serious, such as a feeling of doubt surrounding the faithfulness of your partner.

And yes, the photo is indeed the original stock photo that would spawn millions of memes.