11 of The Best Places To See America’s Wildlife


No one can deny that the USA has some absolutely amazing wildlife within its borders as its grand size encompasses a wide variety of varying terrains that make it the perfect home for many different creatures. But its size can also make it a problem to actually spot some of these beasts and so unless you know where to look, you may never discover them.

Here we detail the best places to go on the hunt for these majestic animals in order to discover what the USA has on offer.

1. Grizzly Bear

Not that we’d recommend getting too up close and personal with these mighty predators given that some males weigh as much as 1,000 pounds and can reach speeds of 30mps in bursts, but if you keep a safe distance and aren’t stupid about it, they certainly are spectacular creatures.  Heading to the  Katmai National Park & Preserve in Southern Alaska may be your best bet. Although there are over 4 million acres of wilderness in which the bears could roam, they are often drawn to the abundant salmon found in Brooks Falls where there are viewing platforms so that you might be able to spot them from relative safety.

Don Mammoser/Shutterstock.com

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is also a great option as they are often found around often seen near Yellowstone Lake, Fishing Bridge, and Swan Lake Flats but make sure to check out the bear management areas of the park before setting out.