10 Pokemon You Can Catch In Real Life


Pokemon is one of the world’s largest gaming franchises, originating from video games and branching out into trading cards, TV shows, films, books, figurines, soft toys and many, many other products. Built around a cast of cuddly and scary creatures that battle each other for supremacy, its longevity has been impressive since it first came to our attention in the early 90s.

Some of the characters are so weird and wonderful that you wonder how designers ever came up with such creatures, but some are definitely based on real-life creatures, occasionally with stunning similarities. Here we look at a few that are rooted in reality.

1. Fennekin – Fennec Fox

Fennekin’s name gives the game away here as the fiery fox is based upon the adorable fennec fox. Nocturnal animals with abnormally large ears for hearing both predators and prey, they live in deserts and low water areas which may suggest as to why the creators of Fennekin opted to make it a fire-type Pokemon.


Whilst their real-life counterparts can be found in the Sahara desert, Fennekin is a starter Pokemon in the X & Y games of the series.

hagit berkovich/Shutterstock.com