10 Innovative Apps That Changed the World


From finding a partner to getting a taxi in under 5 minutes, smartphone apps have played a huge role in how we live our lives. In fact, there are estimated to be over 2m apps available for download via the Apple store, and 2.2m for Android users.

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But with so many apps in existence, how did these 10 apps stand out? That’s certainly the billion-dollar question, but most will tell you they were different. They were innovative and offered something new. In many ways, they changed society for the better.

Here are 10 examples.

1. Tinder

An online dating service which didn’t take itself serious was one of the primary thought processes that went into Tinder, an online dating app which now claims to match hundreds of millions of users a day. Devised by a handful of young Los Angeles natives, Tinder matches users by showing you profiles within a nearby radius.

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If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you don’t, you swipe left. Then, if two users both swiped right, it’s a match, and you can message in private. It’s a fun and novel way of meeting a partner, and many claim Tinder has taken the pressure off people having to rely on nights out to meet people.  And while it has its critics, with many labelling it nothing more than a hook-up app, many still see Tinder as the go-to dating app, particularly the 18-30 crowd.