The 10 Most Colorful Cities On Earth


Step out of your front door and you will realize that the world is a place filled with color and beauty even if it is not what you quite expected. Every sidewalk, street and city block has color and art to it even in its most brutal and practical forms, art and wonder can be found on the street corner. Some cities, however, have brighter, more prevalent bursts, of color.

Here we look at some of these dazzling places and why they are so bold and brash in their use of color.

1. Izamal – Mexico

Known as ‘the magical city’, Izamal has many beautiful sights to behold that include its 16th-century Basilica of San Antonio de Padua and other limestone churches that sit off of the cobblestone streets but what is immediately striking about the location is the fact that it is predominantly covered in a hue of marigold yellow that lends a visual warmth to it, even on rainy days.


This color comes from the colonial buildings that used it to reflect the heat but if you’re staring at the houses you’re not enjoying the rich vein of history and mythology that’s running through Izamal.