10 Stars You Never Realized Appeared On The O.C.


Much like the novel, The Catcher in the Rye, watching Josh Schwartz’s show, The O.C. became a right of passage for any teenager wishing their parents would stop nagging them about their algebra homework. It was an excellent show, with Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marrissa all taking us on their wild journeys in one of California’s most exclusive Orange County communities as they grappled with all the unnecessary crap that came from being wealthy high school students.

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Best of all, every cast member had sun-kissed skin and looked like Abercrombie models, all while possessing flawed traits most of us mere mortals could relate to, so we were all inconsolate when the show came to an end after 4 seasons.

However, it wasn’t only the four leads the show followed. There was Marrissa’s hot yet conniving mum, Seth’s do-good parents and a host of side characters- many of whom became major A-list stars.

Here are 10 examples.

1. Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley may not possess the androgynous beauty of his Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder, but he’s a hottie nonetheless, a fact many O.C. viewers were all too aware of when he played Donnie, a bit-part character who, like Ryan, came from a rough background and made ends meet by working at the Crab Shack.

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A jobbing actor at the time, the exposure gave Wesley an enhanced oeuvre, and a few years later he landed the role of vampire Stefan Salvatore on the long-running aforementioned CW series.