The 10 Toughest Borders In The World


If you’ve kept abreast of political news as of late, you may have noticed a lot of the talk is about walls and unions which all revolve around the issue of borders. Borders are created in order to separate countries, for better or for worse, and crossing them can lead to some serious scrutiny between two places where laws and restrictions may differ.

Some, however, could trigger lengthy jail sentences or even death should they make the wrong choice on the border where security can be fierce. Here we look at some of the toughest in the world.

1. India-Pakistan

India and Pakistan have a convoluted and touchy political and religious history together after the departing British Raj split the countries from one another in 1947 trying to create a country for the Hindu majority and one for the Muslim minority. With scuffles on the border leading up to the days of the partition, things haven’t really improved from there.

Elena Mirage /

The two countries have, officially, been at war with each other¬†three times and tensions have been heightened as of late due to questions over who should control the Kashmir region. People crossing between the two countries are often branded spies and face years of imprisonment if they can’t prove their innocence beyond doubt.