10 Of The Most Successful Boy Bands Of All Time


Thanks to the remarkable success of Simon Cowell’s X Factor-formed boy band One Direction, boy bands have made a comeback in recent years so Rock My Time has profiled the most successful ones ever to have graced the charts.


And before you moan, The Beatles and The Beach Boys do qualify as boy bands.

1. The Beach Boys

Yes, The Beach Boys are a boy band. They may not be known as one today, but they set a precedent with their infectious harmonies (Good Vibrations to name one of many) and even though they played their own instruments (just like the contemporary boy band 5 Seconds of Summer), it’s hard to see how The Beach Boys music could pass for rock, despite many labelling them a rock band.

By Louise Palanker via Wikimedia Commons

Still, with 100m albums sold, we’re sure The Beach Boys don’t care what genre people place them under, so long as fans continue playing their music.