10 Popular Actors That Critics Can’t Stand


Acting is a discipline that is certainly harder than it looks, and though some have a natural flair for it, many spend years working and developing their craft. Though in some cases, on-screen actors have had little formal training and have instead been thrust into the limelight after success in other fields, with modeling, music, and comedy proving popular backgrounds.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at 10 famous actors who came from similar backgrounds and explain why the critics can’t stand them.

1. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba may have taken an extended break from acting to become one of America’s richest women thanks to her baby care products, but she initially made her fortune in acting, which left critics perplexed.

Shutterstock/ Jaguar PS

No doubt a beautiful face, Alba’s roles haven’t exactly been noteworthy, and because of this, she has achieved critical recognition of a different kind, with 3 Razzie nominations to her name.