10 Down-And-Out Celebrities Who Are Still Fabulously Wealthy


In Hollywood, even those at the pinnacle of their industry will see their relevance dwindle. It’s the way the unforgiving world of show business works, and as many eventually discover, a life without the fame and adulation can become quite dispiriting. 

So what do you when your fame expires? You become a down-and-out celebrity with more money than you’ll ever need.

Flickr/ Chris Pizzello

Here, we profile the extraordinary net worths of 10 such celebrities and detail what these long-forgotten stars are now up to.

10. Alfonso Ribeiro- $5m

If you haven’t seen the extraordinarily awkward dance that Alfonso Ribeiro’s character Carlton regularly displayed in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, you obviously haven’t been living. In fact, the dance move has become a go-to tactic for every awkward dancer whose lack of litheness presents them with no other alternative but to do the ‘Carlton Dance’.

Benjamin Reed via Wikimedia Commons

Not that Alfonso Ribeiro minds. Why would he? He’s made over $5m from that gig. Still, other than that cult role; Ribeiro hasn’t been up to much else. Well, aside from always looking dapper in his golfing gear.