10 Athletes Who Died During Their Careers


While reaching the pinnacle of a sport is a remarkable achievement, it can also bring with it highs as well as lows, while injuries and continued scrutiny from the press can cause even the strongest of minds to crumble.

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That said, such problems pale in comparison to these ten athletes, who sadly passed away during their sporting careers.

Here we look at ten notable examples.

1. Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor had a bright future ahead of him when he was the fifth overall pick in the 20014 NFL Draft by the Redskins, and his promising performances in his first three seasons seemed to suggest that better things were to come. But that wouldn’t be the case.

dbking of flickr via Wikimedia Commons

On Nov. 18, 2007, Taylor’s house was burglarized. He was away at the time, but eight days later, an intruder entered his home again and shot him in the leg. Fatally, the bullet hit his femoral artery, causing a significant amount of blood loss. Entering a coma, Taylor died the following afternoon.