10 Actors Who Became Incredible Directors


A brilliant acting career is typically viewed as the pinnacle job anyone can have in Hollywood, but that’s not to say every actor in Hollywood wants to be an actor and nothing more.

Shutterstock/ Boris Rabsevich

In fact, once you realise the film business is a multifaceted beast, you’ll notice that many of your favourite actor’s IMDB credits might also include producer, writer and even director credits, the latter of which is arguably the hardest to master.

With that in mind, we’ve profiled 10 actors who transitioned into directing and successfully made a career out of it in the process.

1. Woody Allen

The seasoned film director made a name for himself as a master auteur of the upmarket romantic comedy, despite critics of his most recent works being less than satisfied. Not that Allen likely cares. In a career spanning 6 decades, Allen got his start in the business as a comedy writer and then as a stand-up before being part of a New Hollywood wave of filmmakers in the early 1960s.

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Unlike most actors turned directors Allen even starred in his earlier and more celebrated flicks, with Annie Hall arguably his most heralded piece of work.

Allen is very much behind the camera nowadays, and though the much-maligned personality has been in the news for different reasons in recent years, his films still perform well at the box office, with Blue Jasmine and Midnight in Paris receiving critical and commercial success.