Talented Pooch Sings Along To Adele In The Car And It’s The Best Thing Ever


Hands up if you like Adele? Just admit it, she’s the best thing since sliced bread and has everyone from nursing home residents to hipster, vegan bloggers singing along to her ethereal melancholy. But it appears humans aren’t the only ones enamoured by the British hitmaker.

Rumble/ Lilast

In fact, cute pooches are equally as susceptible to a good old-fashioned Adele singalong,  so much so that one has taken it upon herself to belt out the lyrics in its owner’s car!

Singing along to her smash 2015 hit, Hello, The brown Frenchie appears overcome with emotions (like every Adele fan) and proceeds to lean against the car door before woofing a compelling rendition of the classic pop ballad.

While the doggy version doesn’t seem to have the same pathos-driven lyricism that made Adele’s version so visceral and hard-hitting, it is a terrific twist on the song and has impressed many Internet users.

And who knows? After watching it, Simon Cowell might just have caught wind of a new singing sensation!

Watch the full video below and see for yourself whether this adorable Frenchie has what it takes to take on Adele in the charts.