Why It Would Be More Fun If Wrestlers Ran For Public Office


Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? Well, if your answer is ‘a possible Presidential campaign’ then you’re right as the former pro-wrestler and Hollywood’s highest earning star recently revealed that a Presidential run is ‘a real possibility’.



Just to be clear here, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, star of  The Fast & Furious franchise and the upcoming Baywatch film has no political experience and is better known for being a loud mouth on film and TV so what makes him think he’d be a good president? In short, the guy who is currently in charge.

A couple of years ago, this would have all sounded so absurd but since the inexplicable rise of property mogul turned reality TV star Donald Trump, the world has become a place where almost anything is possible. Trump had no experience in office and look where he is now so why not a former wrestler? America is, after all, a country that has elected a peanut farmer, an actor and now a reality TV star, maybe it’s time for their first pro-wrestler in chief.

So what does Dwayne think of the current man in charge? In an interview with GQ magazine, he was coy about his political leanings and in the past year, he refused to endorse anyone for President despite being approached by both campaigns. Why? He said he didn’t want to sway anyone’s opinion or make people unhappy with his politics.

So, without any political ideology behind him, what does the people’s champion think would make him a good president?   “Personally, I feel that if I were president, poise would be important. Leadership would be important. Taking responsibility for everybody. [If I didn’t agree with someone] on something, I wouldn’t shut them out. I would actually include them,” he explains. “The first thing we’d do is we’d come and sit down and we’d talk about it.”

This seems like fairly standard stuff, but scratch a little deeper and it could be construed as a criticism of Donald Trump’s isolationist policies. That may be a stretch too far, perhaps, but Johnson has expressed he is not a fan of Trump’s travel ban because he believes ‘in inclusion’ but didn’t expand further on the idea.

With no open political leanings and a policy of just making people happy, how can we ever expect anyone to ever vote for Johnson? Well, we detail a few reasons why he would be an amazing President and why you should consider casting a ballot for him.

1. Using the word ‘Jabroni’ in political debates.

An oft-used phrase in his wrestling days, The Rock would call anyone who challenged him a ‘Jabroni’. We’re not sure what it means but Urban dictionary defines it as: “A loser, poser, lame-ass. -One who talks the talk, but could never walk the walk.” Trump has taken to calling people ‘losers’ and ‘sad’ so why not throw in ‘Jabroni’ to the mix? Imagine the scenario:

“Mr. Speaker, your opposition to my bill to provide free tank tops to the nation is outrageous. It doesn’t matter what you think because you’re a jabroni and so is everyone in your party!” Amazing.

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