10 Of The Funniest Goldman Sachs Elevator Tweets


For those who don’t know what Goldman Sachs is, it’s probably best described as the world’s most powerful and influential investment bank. In other words: It’s a place full of witty, intelligent and self-righteous douchebags who dare to call themselves The Masters of the Universe.

Shutterstock/ aastock

But you’ve got to give it to them. They have a comedic wit unparalleled by workers in other industries, and one former Goldman employee who brought this to our attention was John Lefevre, a 37-year-old Texan who set up a Twitter account dedicated to snippets of conversations he heard in various Goldman elevators.

So put your banker hatred to one side and admire some of these outrageously offensive lines as we take you through 10 of the best Goldman Sachs elevator tweets.

1. ‘Listening to Obama talk about the economy is like listening to a chick talk about football’

After having a money-loving Texan by the name Geroge.W. Bush at the helm of the White House for eight years, bankers were pretty pissed when Obama came in and put a stop to unscrupulous trading practices and high-income salaries, so it’s not all surprising that Obama bore the brunt of many jokes in the Goldman offices.


And yes, he was so hated sexist bankers even compared his knowledge of the economy to that of ‘female football fans’.