10 Celebrities Who Were Born With Silver Spoons In Their Mouths


Becoming a star is often one of the only ways out of poverty for many aspiring performers, though for the limited few artists that do make it, not every story is a rags-to-riches one. In many cases, the stars we know and love were already rich thanks to being raised by wealthy parents.

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

Here are 10 celebrities who were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

1. Ariana Grande 

Grande was raised in an affluent area of Boca Raton, Florida, and was raised by her parents, both of whom are successful business people, with her mom the chief executive officer of Hose-McCann Communications while her father, Edward, is an influential player in the world of graphic design.

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In fact, he heads his own company and also owns Ibi Designs Inc. The company boasts a litany of high-profile clients, including Eddie Murphy and the toy company, FAO Schwarz.