10 Awful Video Games Based On Awesome Films


If a movie is successful enough, a video game tie-in is almost inevitable, and many get announced long before the film has even been released, but sometimes you get the feeling that the developers didn’t ever bother watching the source material.

Sometimes these films can be pretty darn good, but the games don’t live up to the hype. Here we take a look at a few of them.

10. Alien

A tense house of horrors film set in space where the killer Alien and the last surviving crew member of its rampage are engaged in a deadly cat and mouse game which is part thriller-part horror and completely redefined the sci-fi genre of filmmaking.

r h/commons.wikimedia.org

Plenty of material there for a great video game, so why then did Atari just rip-off Pacman as you run around collecting dots and avoiding the alien in a maze?

9. Platoon

Not so much a bad game as one that completely missed the point. A fantastic and poignant film about the psychological damage inflicted upon soldiers who have seen and suffered from the horrors of war, the game was a standard shooter where you just blasted your way through everything.


Granted, the technology wasn’t quite there to produce some complex think piece, but it shouldn’t have had a final scene of a self-satisfied grin and thumbs up once you’ve completed the game and gunned down a load of enemies without consequence.

8. Terminator 2

Largely considered one of the best action films of all time should have been able to bash out just a basic shooter and still be a success but when the NES version decided to make you punch enemies, something was amiss.

Paul Townsend/Flickr

Another big problem was that the enemies were so overpowered that they were near impossible to stop and if you did manage to get past them on the SNES version, you then had to deal with ridiculously hard to control driving stages.