Man Shaves Off Beard And His Family’s Response Is Brilliant!


Growing a beard has become increasingly popular in recent years, and some men even look better with one, but after a while, it’s easy to forget what you look like clean shaven, so one father decided to do away with his bushy beard in the most awesome way!

YouTube/ Directions For Dummies

Neither his family nor his friends had ever seen him without a beard, so he certainly knew that their reactions would be priceless and decided to record each stage of the process. It began in the early morning when his partner and child were still asleep. 

Being careful not to wake them, he took himself to the bathroom to shave it all off, which he writes in the caption, took around 1.5 years to grow, and 1.5 minutes to get rid of!

With his new look complete, he seems to look in the mirror and realize that he actually looks a whole lot better, and precedes back to the bedroom to record his wife’s reaction.

Naturally, she is shocked by the drastic change, and has to pat his face many times to convince herself that she is not dreaming! After all, his wife had never seen him without a beard!

After showing his daughter, who thinks he looks much better, he goes into town to show his new babyface to his friends. Visibly astounded, one friend even compares his new look to the American actor, Steven Seagal! 

Watch the full video below and, if you have a beard, why not take a leaf out of his book by doing something similar!