What This Lion Did Next Will Make You ROFL!


Lions are majestic animals that kick ass and dominate the Animal Kingdom, and their beautiful appearances are almost befitting of such grandeur. 

YouTube/ Paradise Wildlife Park

However, one lion housed at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire, England got the fright of his life when he encountered something he probably hadn’t seen before.

But what was it? Was it a human-eating alien from Mars? A fellow lion who didn’t take kindly to sharing their space? Nope. In fact, when we tell you what it was you’ll probably lose your s*it and roll on the floor laughing because it was a water bubble! 

Yep, this lion got quite the fright when he watched the colorful bubble drift to its demise. Clearly, lions find popped bubbles profoundly terrifying…

Watch the full video here and let us know if you know anyone who’s even more of a wuss than this lion!