Husky Bites Owner But Apologizes In The Most Adorable Way!


Like most up-to-no-good dogs, Ares the Husky was found in the kitchen searching for food. However, after being told countless times by his owner to stay away from the kitchen, Ares attempted to bite her.

Of course, no dog is perfect, but biting is serious, so Ares was confined to a corner and forced to apologize. But how he did it was so adorable his owner soon forgave him!


Most dog owners will admit that having their dog beg for forgiveness is the cutest thing ever. Their gooey eyes melt like burning plastic, and before long all you want to do is cuddle them and forget about their misbehavior.

As for Ares? The Husky was no different. Apparently filled with guilt and, in a desperate attempt to make amends with his owner, he squealed for forgiveness until his owner caved in.

It was his adorable way of saying “I am sorry’ and after watching the video, all we want to do is go to a puppy shelter and adopt a dozen Huskies just like Ares.

Watch Ares’s high-pitched whines below and decide for yourself whether Ares’s was genuinely sorry.