Dog Interacts With Adorable Bunny But Doesn’t Quite Know How!


Meet Buddy; the adorable black puppy. He is a world-class cutie and would make a perfect addition to most families, so you’d think that would be enough cuteness for one family, but there is also Tax, an equally adorable bunny rabbit!

Rumble/ CassieStudios

Since Buddy was the first to arrive, he hasn’t quite gotten used to interacting with Tax so whenever he’s come in contact with the bunny, his reaction has typically been adorable.

Of course, we humans often presume dogs are fearless, when in fact, they can often take time to adapt to their new surroundings, and even a bunny rabbit can sometimes be a bit scary for a pup still finding its way in the world.

At the start of the video, Buddy runs away every time the bunny goes near him, but an intrepid Buddy finally plucks up the courage to go near Tax and hopefully it spawns a long and lasting friendship!

Watch the full video below and see for yourself how cute a bunny and puppy can be!