This Couple Decided To Get Married On Mount Everest… Wait Till You See All The Photos!


They say love conquers all and that it is the only feeling that can get you through the hardest of times, and for Ashley Schmeider and James Sisson, their irrevocable love seemed to be the driving force behind their successful ascent up the tallest mountain in the world.

YouTube/ dakine614

Sharing the belief that a bog-standard wedding ceremony just wouldn’t cut it, the couple decided to break convention and get married on Mount Everest instead. Yes. You read that correctly. Mount Frickin’ Everest!

32-year-old Ashley and 35-year-old James trained over a year for the expedition, and it was no guarantee when they arrived in Nepal in early March that the climb would be a success. Undeterred, they were accompanied by their wedding photographer, Charleton Churchill, who amazingly agreed to the 3-week-expedition.

Thankfully, the climb was a success, and there were no gruesome injuries or deaths for the media report on. Instead, news outlets were presented with plenty of beautiful photos of the newlyweds perched 17,000-foot-high at Base Camp Everest.

YouTube/ Dakine614

But the road to the ceremony wasn’t a stroll in the park either- far from it.

As well as battling the freezing temperatures, knee-high snow, and altitude sickness, the couple doubted on more than one occasion if their dream wedding had backfired.

However, as you can see by the collection of awe-inspiring snaps, their fears were eventually quashed, and now they have the ultimate wedding story to share with not only their loved ones- but also the world.

YouTube/ dakine614

So if ever there was an incentive to get a partner, then surely this remarkable wedding is it!

Alternatively, if risking your life for awe-inspiring wedding snaps isn’t your thing, you can always watch Netflix all evening until you die alone. 

For more information about the photographer, you can check out more of his amazing photos on his personal website by clicking here.