This Baby Panda Splashing In A Pool Is The Best Thing Ever!


Pandas are incredibly cute. They have round, cuddly bodies that remind us of our chubby partners and gooey, black marble eyes that are cute beyond belief.

YouTube/ The Wandering Biologist

In fact, we love pandas so much we recently wrote an article about one on our sister site nonchalantly riding a pink toy horse because we’re incredibly cool writers.

Anyway, we think pandas are just the best animals ever, so we only thought it right we profile this crazy-ass panda splashing around in a pool enclosure at a Chinese zoo. 

The panda’s antics, which attracts prolonged laughter from onlookers, soon sees it jump out of the pool and climb a nearby tree! 

What are your thoughts on RockMyTime’s favorite animal? Are pandas really the best animals ever? Or are we overexaggerating their cuteness?

Watch the video here and make your own mind up!