30 of The Best Anime if You Don’t Know Where To Start


2. Ghost In The Shell

This anime adaptation of a manga classic is chaotic, in-depth and insane with any attempt to explain the plot probably futile but, for the most part, it revolves around future cops who are cyborgs and can hack into any network. It moves at a great pace, is quirky as heck and makes the most of its unique visuals.

A live action remake is in the works but it simply will not be able to keep pace with this madcap masterpiece. If it does, it may come across as very weird…but hopefully just as wonderful.

3. Death Note

A series following a teen who finds a notebook in which he can write anybody’s name and then they die within a matter of seconds. It sounds simple enough but then the teen befriends a specter of death and becomes involved in a cat and mouse game with a nameless detective trying to track him down and stop these murders.


Supernatural twists and turns galore as well as the feel of a genuinely tense thriller.


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