11 Things That Probably Won’t Be Around In A Decade


There are certain things in everyday life that just seem to have always been there or that we take for granted because we use them so regularly but with technology advancing so rapidly and society moving forward, on the whole, there may be a few things you start to notice disappearing over the next ten years or so because they are no longer needed.

1. Congestion

This one may well be up for debate due to various factors. For one thing, population growth and a desire for independence is always going to fuel an increase in vehicle usage and sales and, as such, you might concede traffic is only going to become an ever-growing issue. The single thing that may suggest otherwise is the rise of self-driving vehicle technology which is already being trialed on the roads in America and Britain.

Predrag Sepelj/Shutterstock.com

With the first driverless cars likely to become available to the public around 2020, the technology could optimize travel and mean congestion and delays become a thing of the past for many. Whilst we will have to wait and see if this becomes a reality there doesn’t seem to be a way of halting driverless tech.


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