15 of The Most Ridiculous Villains in Video Games


We know the best video game characters around and we also know the best video game villains that keep cropping up in order to give our heroes a challenge. We even know who are the cutest, cuddliest virtual characters on the block but every now and then a really ridiculous character can crop up that will completely throw you out of the mindset of the game. Sometimes they are hilarious, sometimes they are just downright stupid but they always seem a little ridiculous. Here we look at the most baffling of them all.

15. Pagan Min – Far Cry 4

Although on the lower end of the scale of ridiculous, Far Cry 3 was onto a winner with its criminally insane Vaas Montenegro which made the character unpredictable and thus incredibly dangerous and threatening. So, trying to up the ante, the next installment of the series gave us Pagan Min, a generally unhinged dictator who wore crazy colored suits and was a bit off the wall. The problem was that this character seemed to be such an obvious attempt to be over the top insane that he just came across as ridiculously so.


That didn’t stop the game from going on to be a smash hit but it certainly didn’t have that special something that its predecessor had, as this try-hard villain came on a little too strong in his attempts to control his island nation.


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