10 Movie Couples Whose On-Screen Chemistry Was So Terrible It Hurt


Any movie involving two romantic leads requires a healthy amount of on-screen chemistry and the directors often go to great lengths to make sure that’s the case. 


In Derek Cianfrance’s brilliant, Blue Valentine, for instance, he made Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams stay in the same house for weeks to ensure they had a thorough understanding of what it’s like to be madly in love but also get on one another’s nerves. This ultimately spawned two spellbinding performances in one of cinema’s most heartwrenching flicks about the harsh realities of long-term love. 

In other cases, however, the performances haven’t been as good. While the acting might have been to an acceptable standard, the lack of chemistry can make for an incredibly uncomfortable viewing experience.

Here are 10 toe-curling examples.


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