What This Woman’s Ex Husband Still Does For Their Dog Is Beyond Cute


High school sweethearts Rebecca and Juan Hernandez probably thought they’d found the answer to their prayers when they married in 2012, and to top things off; they welcomed a new addition to their family by adopting a puppy whom they called Apollo.

Twitter / RebeccaAlyse

However, like many marriages spawned from young love, things didn’t work out, and the two have been separated for the last two years.

Yet rather than let the failures in their marriage tear them further apart, they stayed in contact, and a significant reason for doing so was so Juan wouldn’t lose the bond he had built up with his furry friend.

While Juan allowed Rebecca to take the dog when they went their separate ways, Juan regularly visited his best friend in Rebecca’s hometown of Mercedes, Texas. He also sends the pooch birthday various gifts throughout the year. In Rebecca’s own words, Apollo is “family.”  

“We both love Apollo,” she said. “He is our child. It sounds silly to people who aren’t animal lovers, but to us he is family. Our family.”

Rebecca even shared Juan’s heartfelt writings online. “As always,” it read, “continue to take care of yourself and your mom. Continue to be there for her like you were for me.”

Twitter / RebeccaAlyse

If that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, we don’t know what will! 

It just goes to prove that failed relationships don’t have to end in bitterness and hatred towards one another, and since Juan’s cards have gone viral, many online have called on the two to get back together.

“We are both so overwhelmed by it all,” Rebecca added. “Who knows where this will lead for our relationship?”

If you’re asking us, Rebbecca, we think you and Juan are more than worthy of a second shot at love!


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