The 20 Cutest Video Game Characters Ever Created


Tiny, squishy, adorable and digital. We all know the power of a cute character in popular media, it can make or break an experience by providing light relief to dramatic or intense situations and often become fan favorites for their injection of sweetness into whatever they are featured in but if they go wrong, they can be horrifically irritating and over the top. Fortunately, today we’re just looking at the best of the best with cutest characters in video games.

20. Chao – Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Chao are small, impish creatures that first appeared in the  Sonic The Hedgehog universe in 1998’s Sonic Adventure where the storyline revolved around their protection and you could raise them as digital pets.


Affected by their surroundings and the energy of chaos emeralds, they can be  ‘Dark’, ‘Neutral’ or ‘Hero’ in their forms but all are darn adorable. Widely praised by fans for their integration into the series, Sonic Team later tried to repeat the trick with wisps, with considerably less success.


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