10 Ways A Dog Will Change Your Live For The Better


2. Reduce Stress

By lowering the blood pressure, the body feels more relaxed but it is not just walking your pet pooch that will help this but also petting them.


When you stroke or play with your dog, serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin, the hormone connected with falling in love, are all released and sends feel-good hormones into the bloodstream and rushing around the body.

3. Friendship and Connection

Any dog owner will tell you of the special bond they share with their dog, as they are loyal and loving beings that rely on you and you soon find yourself relying on them.


They sense when you feel down and are there for you in your darkest moments but they can also help foster relationships with other people as they act as a talking point as well as force you to interact with other dog walkers as they break down barriers.