10 Gorgeous Women Who Made Guest Appearances on How I Met Your Mother


2. Britney Spears- Season 3, Episode 10

Barney Stinson doesn’t usually call women once he’s done the deed because he’s a world-class playboy. In other words; he’s also a bit of a douche, and such a lifestyle catches up with him after he beds the uber-hot but incredibly gregarious, Abby, who is Stella’s receptionist.

Shutterstock/ Koby Dagan

Of course, he doesn’t call her leading an irate Abby to stalk Barney and warn another woman he is wooing about his playboy ways. Barney, if you’re stupid enough to reject Britney, then you had it coming to you!

3. Carrie Underwood- Season 5, Episode 16

The country music star showcased her acting skills in a brilliant episode of season 5 which aimed to establish what the dreaded friend zone actually is.

Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

In an episode called “Hooked”, the friends reflect on who they have kept on the hook ( leading people into thinking they have a chance with them) or have been hooked too (doing anything to make the casual dates something more) and realise, thanks to Carrie, that Ted is the King of the friend zone, which pretty much sums up his luck with the ladies.


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